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Our Phonesex Chat talents come from all walks of life, some have day jobs and do this "on the side" for the extra cash, whilst other have made a full time occupation out of it. It is important to realize that when we are contacted by prospective phonesex talents for jobs, our number one priority is to ensure that they want to do this, not because they need the money, but mostly because they enjoy the work. Of course, money is an important aspect to any job, including Phonesex Chat, but without their own desires and adult fantasies, our phone ladies would not be able to last more than a month!

Phonesex Chat is a world where some adult fantasies can be safely and what one talks about during a Phonesex Chat call can sometimes not be realized in real life. These Taboo adult fantasies through Phonesex Chat can then breach the world of the impossible with the world of dreams and this also a reason why we have so many callers.


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From 69 cents to $1.69 per minute

I will make your cock explode!